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by Danny Kaey on July 19 '08

Hi all,

Here's a quick service announcement, aka, newsflash for our dear readers, affiliates and fellow audio enthusiasts:

You guys are probably wondering what's happening at SF?!  There haven't been any updates since the last Transporter Truth review, we appear MIA, or DOA.  "The truth, dammit, tell me the truth!"  So goes the line in one of my favorite films - the truth is rather simple... After 6 years of living at our current location, my family and I decided it was time to change the scenery and greenery and thus we picked up our bags (of which there were more than 3) and moved to a different home, though still in sunny So-Cal, Long Beach.  

As you may well imagine, a move of this sort, where you literally attempt to pick up every piece of stuff you ever owned, not to mention my wife and daughter's shoes, clothes, etc.; my audio system, records, CD's, music, pictures, is quite the undertaking, considering both of us actually have day jobs and such.  Naturally, SonicFlare and my other reviewing duties at Positive-Feedback Online have thus been put on hold until I have settled myself into my new surroundings, etc.

The good news is that this ordeal is almost over and I will resume publishing a few reviews which have been in the pipeline for some time: Zu Presence, Stax SR-3030 headphone system, Trafomatic Audio EHO & AKG 701 and a few others.  Yup, there's lots more to come, for sure.

Thanks for keeping us alive and thank you for your continued support.

We shall be back online soon...


Danny Kaey
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