Announcement: SonicFlare Spotlight on Manufactures

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by Josh Ray on July 12 '05

As you know, or are just finding out, the world of high-end audio and video is a sprawling mess of reviews, equipment and a whole lot of BS. As such, we've decided to launch a new Spotlight series of posts in addition to coverage of new products and reviews.

A Spotlight post will highlight a particular manufacture and offer a bit of insight as to where the company stands relative to competitors, what the company is known for and provide links to recent reviews. For large manufactures with multiple product lines, the Spotlight will only focus on one area.

And, like everything on SonicFlare, the Spotlight posts will be pinnacles of rampant, unfounded opinion. So use with caution. If you want the manufacture's air-conditioned statements or the opinion of a person who has actually listened to the gear, click the links provided at the end of the Spotlight posts. Otherwise, enjoy our inane ramblings as we bring you the latest and greatest from the world of audio and video and set you on your way towards sonic nirvana.

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