Spotlight: Sonic Impact T-Amp Madness!!!


What?!? You've never heard of the Sonic Impact T-Amp? Well, for those who aren't familiar with the T-Amp phenom, this Spotlight is for you. Priced at $30 or so, the SI is a tiny little battery powered amp pumping out a massive 6 watts. Made for cheapo speakers, the Sonic Impact wasn't born to be a contender. But for some reason beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals, the SI T-amp sounds amazingly good.

Don't believe me? Check out the next page for all the goods on the deal of the century and how you too can get involved in the T-amp revolution.


| Permalink | Amplifier mods , Amplifiers Under $1k , Integrated Amp under $1k , Spotlight | Posted by Josh Ray on Jul 22 '05