American Wired Episode 2

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by Josh Ray on March 02 '06

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New episode of audio, music and movie reviews as well as other tasty bits over at American Wired. If you're a aspiring vinyl-head (like myself) be sure to check out the Great Vinyl Hunt featuring the AW peeps listing all the vinyl they would take with them to a desert island. The idea is to offer an easy entrance to purchasing some good ol' wax if you don't already have a collection thousands strong. With an intro like this:

No Patricia Barber, Diana Krall, J-Lo, Britney, or Bon Jovi.

You know it's got to be good. Check it out.


"No Patricia Barber"? What the hell?? I know PB has become somewhat of a cliched audiophile staple like Jacintha - but hey, the recordings call for it and PB's performances are nothing to shame about, IMHO. Plus, lumping PB with J-Lo, Britney and Bon Jovi is like, quite a stretch... oh well, to each his own I guess?
Beto, Imagine having to listen to the same PB album in 100 rooms at 20 consecutive audio shows and not want to pour gasoline on the first copy you get your hands on... Almost as bad as the Eagles: Hell Feezes Over which I've seen 2-3,00 times. Her music isn't bad. It just grates on our nerves after all this time. Ian
The best comment I ever heard on the PB/DK syntho-singers was from my then-12-year-old son, Will. Listening to DK on the radio, Will said, "Dad--she just doesn't sound SINCERE." I couldn't agree more. Cheers, Bill