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by Josh Ray on January 17 '06

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As you may have guessed, advertising allows SonicFlare to fight the good fight and bring high-end audio to the iPod generation. AAA Audio has become our first advertiser and our hats are off. AAA Audio, for those who don't know, imports killer gear from the Chinese audio scene. Brands include Dussun, Original and XLH with prices ranging from $698 to $50,000.


Josh, I saw REF-1812 speaker at their site with a horn. Since I've never heard any loudspeaker more expensive than $99, can you, as an audio trade show babe magnet and luminary please tell me what distinguishes a horn speaker sound?
Finally someone recognizes me for who I truly am - trade show babe magnet and luminary! That'll show all those people who refer to me as "scum sucking blogger." I haven't spent the necessary cuddle time with a pair of horns to give you a concrete answer. However, most horns at shows I've been to need rooms bigger than the smurf-sized abodes they're wedged in. But it's anyone's guess - "critical listening" at a show simply never happens.