Acon Professional Ultima 4 Loudspeaker

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by Josh Ray on October 25 '05

 Acon Images A Ultima

From Acon Professional, a company I've never heard of, comes the Ultima 4 loudspeaker -- ACTIVE loudspeaker, actually. What I first thought were the binding posts down the bottom of the picture are actually tubes. Yeah, tubes provide the power (triodes specifically) to the mid and high drivers. 300 watts of solid state power drive the bass drivers. All drivers are provided by French giant JMLabs (that's a good thing as their drivers find their way into many of the top speakers in the world).

If esoteric active speakers are your thing, these sexy curves of wood cost $60,000. The web site is lacking in details, but does say there will only be 10 models made -- get 'em while they're hot!

Acon Professional (by Aster Co) [via Enjoy the Music]

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