6Moons Srajan: Personal Best of 2005

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by Josh Ray on November 04 '05

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One man's quest towards "budget" perfection, Srajan of 6Moons posts his "Personal Best of 2005," chronicling his journey from the $20k Avante Guarde Duo speakers down to the $2800 Zu Druids and finally reaching a balance somewhere in the middle with the $9k+ Zu Definitions (pictured).

Not one to leave a good thing alone, he then tackles his pre-amps, amps and more, swinging the sword of Damocles on every high priced piece of gear in his house...except for the Zanden CD and DAC. No one touches the Zanden.

Great article summing up a lot of top gear.

6Moons Srajan Personal Best of 2005


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