6Moons Invades Russia

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by Josh Ray on March 21 '06

Crazy new products over at the Russian HDI 2006 show covered by the globe-trotting crew of 6Moons. Isn't it stunning the amount of gear that exists outside of the states? Any of the foreign shows turn up all kinds of exotic equipment that will never grace our shores. There's the usual two way speakers but most products overseas tend to be pretty outrageous. Here are a few choice examples and be sure to read 6Moons for the rest.

Insane horn system from Void Acoustics below. More disco club than high-performace, they say. Makes sense since you need to stand 40 feet away for proper blending.


Virtual Acoustics solid marble speakers below. Speaker price does not include floor reinforcement to support the 1.5 tons of marble.

 Industryfeatures Moscow2 Marble1

Egg speakers powered by tubes in those black Quaker Oats cans by RONe'S (yes, that's spelled correctly).
 Industryfeatures Moscow2 Ronees4

Here's an interesting little bit about Avantgarde's room:

No Duo Omegas here in Moscow. Sales are reportedly so good that bringing a pair to the show proved out of the question.

Don't forget the Duo Omegas clock in at $28,000...

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